Friday, 17 August 2007

gay decoy

There was an article in the paper yesterday quoting the Amsterdam police chief Bernard Welten that he'll use "gay decoys" to catch gay bashers if necessary. He is considering this unorthodox method because our capital has been hit by an uncharactaristically large number of incidences of violence against homosexuals. Undercover officers would be used to catch the gaybashers redhanded. Crazy right-wing politician Geert Wilders proposed such a plan in June.

So far this year 21 gay-related cases have been recorded, more than in the whole of 2006. In twelve instances a suspect or suspects have been arrested. It's unknown if there are really more occurrances this year or whether more victims are prepared to come forward.

When asked what he thinks a "gay decoy" should look like, Frank van Dalen, president of gay pressure group COC pointed out that the victims weren't always obviously gay:

I have no idea. The Irishman who was beaten up in Amsterdam was not a stereotypical homo. I know men who do look stereotypically homosexual but aren't. In some cases to my disappointment.

He suggests simple surveillance by plain clothes officers in certain cruising areas is what's called for.

The officers do not have to hold hands.

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