Saturday, 18 August 2007


Three episodes later and I'm sick of Wonder Woman already... Perhaps because it's not nostalgia for me, like some other old series that I can watch over and over again because I remember how special it was watching them at the time. I don't have that connection with Wonder Woman.

I'm currently awaiting the arrival of Poltergay, on Jockohomo's recommendation. I'm also downloading Strange Bedfellows, apparently an uncannily similar movie to I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, published in 2004. So I'll watch that before I'll watch the remake.

Here are some videos I found on my extended blogsurf (Woke up with lower back ache, no chance I would go to the gym today... It's all I can do to keep a proper posture just sitting here.) I hope they'll keep you entertained for a while as I move over to the couch for some reading and writing (and if sudoku counts possibly some arithmatic as well). My father got The Kite Runner as a present from a neighbour and, quite surprisingly, both he and my mother read it cover to cover. They were so enthusiastic about it and I have good things from others that I figured it's about time I try it. Dad's version is a Dutch translation, but I'm trying not to let that influence me.

O yeah, back to the videos. Faithless with their controversial video for Bombs:

And some Electronic with Disappointed:

Funny how sometimes several different threads come together like this and from having no title for any of them, suddenly you find one to cover them all.

EDIT: Here's another one, Madonna with American Life, the original video which came out and was subsequently pulled at the start of the current Iraq war. The song is shockingly bad, but the video is shockingly realistic.

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