Friday, 3 August 2007

as requested

As requested by our resident fashion freak, here's a list of the things I bought yesterday:
  • a light beige trouser suit (loving the cut of the jacket, I'm still excited about wearing tailored clothes again)

  • a mottled beige t-shirt with white & blue (flowery) prints and one of those really narrow strips of collar - don't know the name

  • a white cotton shirt strips stitched together to create a ribbed effect with vertical lines and a 3/4 sleeve that rolls up if you want (but I like it better rolled down)

  • a long beige shirt with different shades of brown vertical lines

  • a grey ribbed jersey tank top with some faded print (I think it was € 3,-- so I'll forego my aversion to logo-like and readable prints, if nothing else I can use it when working out)

  • a straightforward rust-coloured t-shirt, also for € 3,--

  • a corselet. Yup, you read that. I bought a corselet, the granny type (well a slightly updated version), not the kinky version. It pushes and pulls in the right places, giving me even more shape than I'm already getting. The problem with losing weight is that the fat rolls don't really disappear, they just get less dense.
So I don't know the fashion lingo, sue me. The first three (the jacket only in case of unseasonal weather - but let's face it, that's not that unlikely over here...) are intended for my brother's wedding and I've been all but sworn not to touch them until that day (August 31st).

I walked by a full-length mirror today and was shocked at the bagginess of my khaki pants, especially in the seat area. Guess I'm getting less of a big-ass after all! I wish my thighs would follow suit.


Sunshine said...

No Dress?

Aw shucks! But I'm curious about you in a tailored jacket, that can actually look really good!

SubtleKnife said...

especially with the corselet holding everything in place ;)

well you can't see it until the 31st