Saturday, 28 July 2007

where to stand in an elevator

I found this draft from June 14th sitting unpublished in the list of posts.

The train compartiment still feels empty, although I know besides me there are several people dotted around it. All I can see from my seat is the African guy across the aisle and one forward who asked me earlier whether this train went to Rotterdam. (I don't know about other countries, but the 'standard' layout over here are groups of two-seater benches facing each other, making two rows of four-person 'cubicles' on either side of a central path.)

A red-haired girl comes in and walks toward me. Literally: with five times four, plus three in the guy's corner, plus four directly across the aisle from me, empty seats that I can see (and at least as many behind me) she hesitates as if to sit across from me, then moves on and sits with the blond girl on the other side behind me.

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