Sunday, 22 July 2007

weekend (quick recap)

K and Sunshine spent the weekend with me. It was convenient because they had a meeting in town here Friday evening. Then on Saturday, we went over to the town of Gorinchem and from there we took a ferry to this beautiful castle, Slot Loevestein. Unfortunately the castle itself had just closed by the time we got there, but we spent an hour or so sitting in the sun with a drink, enjoying the view. The previous link is in Dutch, for a history in English, see here.

At night K cooked dinner for Sunshine's parents and us, fried calamari with pasta and puttanesca sauce and I drove us back to Delft where we watched bad movies on TV and drank wine (at least K and I did) until about 2AM.

Today we slept in and in the afternoon we tried to find Sunshine a new phone battery in Rotterdam. When I got home I made myself a salad but then didn't feel like eating it any more - so I put it in a lunchbox, found a small bottle for the dressing and declared Monday to be salad day.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention that K was very clever, choosing puttanesca sauce, since he couldn't pronounce the name of the town we visited and kept saying Whore-in-chem instead of Gorinchem.

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