Friday, 13 July 2007

wardrobe malfunction

Written on my way home today, the old-fashioned way, with pen on paper:

This dieting lark is getting dangerous. Not in a physical way, although I suppose I could trip... Because not only are most of my pants (the outer layer) in a continual state of threatening to drop down my knees, now my pants (the inner layer) have joined the conspiracy. They are actually sliding down my butt.

I'm sitting on the platform on the train station with two circles of material (sensible cotton "granny pants" today) around the tops of my thighs in an "8"-formation - and nowhere private to fix the problem. The only relief is that I'm wearing a long t-shirt (even longer now it isn't stretched out so wide anymore) that covers anything higher than half-way up my thighs.

  • I need to start tailoring these "old" shirts so I can keep on using them without looking like I'm wearing a tent

  • I need to by a nice-looking belt to keep my pants (trousers) up

  • I need to continue eating healthily so I'll have to buy all new - pretty! - clothes soon

Don't want my rings to fall off my fingers
-- Rufus Wainwright, Barçelona

Another side-effect is the scarily loose feeling of my rings, especially the green semi-precious one (I completely forgot what type it is, if I ever knew in the first place). When I let my arm hang by my side I can feel it slide down my finger. Fortunately so far my knuckle has kept it from falling off, but I'm afraid it won't be long. I have to try and not swing my arm/hand too much. At least it's not for the reason Rufus was so afraid of.


BigAssBelle said...

getting skinny???? shoot! i'm almost out of time.

SubtleKnife said...

Darling, I still - EASILY - qualify for the "Big Ass" category. Skinny is a long way off, but as long as I'm, slowly, headed in the right direction everything's okay.