Thursday, 26 July 2007

shopping spree

Perhaps I subconsciously felt the need to counterbalance buying the very latest Nokia cellphone - to my mind (don't complain if you don't agree, it's a blog - a very testosterone-laden activity, especially with the N95's design: it's sleek but rectangular and the colours sand and deep purple (the colour of my Precious) seem pretty masculine - but on my way to picking up Precious I had to stop at this little plus-size clothes shop called Passepartout.

I spent almost as much in there as I spent on the phone (note that the phone on its own would cost almost a thousand euros but that I'm spending nowhere near that amount on it; my provider is happy to give me a very big discount for extending my contract).

Tomorrow I'll be going into work wearing dark blue denim jeans (already had those), a light (but not too light) pink t-shirt with an almost square neckline and a sort of tie-dye effect top in blues and creams that ties up at the front, just underneath my two biggest assets - showing them off nicely...

PS. Sunshine says Precious is not a good name for a cellphone. I disagree.

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