Monday, 2 July 2007

Russell T. Davies is a snob!

And I love him for it! Not that he could do much wrong for me anyway after creating Queer As Folk and "regenerating" Doctor Who.

Without giving too much away (I think), I shall only say that in the season's finale of the resurrected series, a two-parter written by Davies himself which concluded last Saturday, he put the verb "to decimate" to it's proper usage. It was, however, a shame that he felt he had to explain it by making one of the characters say something like "We will kill one in every ten".

I'm a bit wary of posting about The Doctor, usually, let alone speculate, because there are several people of my acquaintance who frequently correct me on all things to do with the last Time Lord. It's not the correction that bothers me, it's their having to correct me that embarrasses me, but wasn't that some very interesting information about Captain Jack at the end there?

There was a special edition of Weakest Link before the final show on Saturday, with several cast members pitted against each other. I thought it was a bit unfair how they all voted off K9 in the first round. Later on one of the other contestants got a question about John Barrowman, asking whether he was turned down for Will in Will & Grace because he was too straight or too gay (it was too straight).

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