Saturday, 7 July 2007

lost and found: episodes 1 and 2

Found in a supermarket in Delft on or around June 28th, 2007, front and reverse (or vice versa?):

click for full imageI find other people's shopping lists very interesting. I try to decipher them, sometimes in more ways than one.

Which side of the page is the front and which is the reverse? Did the shopping list come first and fall into the hands of the writer's creative offspring? Or did a callous mother or father take their precious darling's click for full imageexpression to use it for something so mundane as a shopping list?

This list reads:
ice thea

Spelling as in the list. For the non-Dutch-speakers amongst you here's a translation:
ice tea

Speaking of deciphering things, here's one I found in an Amersfoort supermarket on Saturday, July 30th. The language is probably Turkish, I only recognised a few words, but with the help of an internet translator I managed to fill in most of the blanks. I think it says

sari peynir
beyaz peynir
ekmet pide

yellow cheese
white cheese
pide bread

It's nice to live in a multi-cultural society.


Christian said...

The missing one I believe is wiki

SubtleKnife said...

The kids' drink? Good call, thanks.

What is the correct spelling of that anyway?