Monday, 16 July 2007

L, G, B, T, T, Q... but where am I?

I have wondered this for a long time, but finally* I have discovered several organisations who have tacked an "A" onto the - admittedly already laboriously long - acronym, denoting "allies" (or in French "amis"). I don't know why it should matter so much, but it makes me feel good. I mean if I am going to be labelled a fag enabler I might as well be recognised by both sides, right?

* "finally" not because they weren't there before, they've probably been around all this time, but because I never realised.

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BigAssBelle said...

oh those fucking westboro people. read a detailed study of the family, what a bunch of sickos, no big surprise. but how much hate can they spread? in the name of Jesus? criminy.