Monday, 30 July 2007

I spy

I almost cracked up during our daily team talk today. At the end my boss had one special announcement, that meant nothing to anybody but me: Jake Shears and his boyfriend are getting married.

Now I had no doubt Jake & Chris would tie the knot at some time, it just seemed they were inevitably bound to, to me it was just a matter of when. But to hear something like that at work and the surprise and baffled faces of my colleagues were priceless.

Gorgeous picture by Sputnik

I also read that the couple bought a Manhattan apartment recently and the old cyberstalker in me raised its ugly head. I'm pretty sure I found their address (and I did so in under a minute - 40 seconds of which were spent trying to find the link to the right website, I kept overlooking it). Gaidheil just confirmed it's in TriBeCa, which is where the address I found is...

But then I was thinking this might be uncomfortable and even possibly dangerous for them, and I sent a message to someone closer to the fire, letting them know I found it and so can others. I hope there's a way they can get rid of it.

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