Thursday, 12 July 2007


My direct boss startled a colleague, and myself, Wednesday, by announcing he had found her Hyves profile page. She wasn't particularly embarrassed by the content or the pictures - even her mother had seen them - but the thought of work colleagues seeing her in her "other" life still caused a strong sense of discomfort. She resolved to take them down as soon as she got home.

I wonder(ed) how I would respond, after all I have not shown this blog to my mother yet. Perhaps having some of my colleagues read t would be easier, as they have never met the friends I've written about, whereas my mother does know some of them. On the other hand there are some things here that I don't feel my co-workers have to know about. They know many of my friends, including my best friend, are gay and that I go out to gay bars with them, but do they have to know I accompanied someone to the std-clinic or that I take antidepressants?

I'm not ashamed of any of these things, but there is a (relative) anonymity to the internet which can be comforting and lull us into a false sense of safety. It's easy to forget it's not just a handful of selected friends and any total stranger that accidentally end up here, who can read my posts. Family, colleagues and people you vaguely know living at the end of your street may find out more about you than you wish that particular group to know.

We all live in different worlds all the same time (an example: most people use different language and choose different subjects when talking to their grandmothers compared to talking to their friends) and sometimes when they meet, it makes us uncomfortable, uncertain how to behave, intruded upon, found out, even.

So now I'm wondering if my team leader has taken up my joking challenge to find me. I didn't see any strange IP's from his area when I checked earlier but who knows?

In other news: A few minutes ago I joined Of course I felt I should open with Rufus Wainwright, but I was thinking about sorting through my considerable backlog of music to be either saved or thrown out tonight. That should give some very interesting results. Once I have played enough songs I shall try to embed some thingamajig here so you can see what I've been listening to.

And finally: Apparently my current Technorati ranking is 3,847,589th...

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BigAssBelle said...

it would be very strange to be found out. actually, my husband doesn't even know i do bigassbelle. isn't that odd? or is it? i don't know. i think my drive to blog has been inspired by the lack of coworkers since i began working only for myself. there's just no one to talk to and my blog friends feel sort of like my coworkers ~ we're daytime compatriots, sharing our lives, chattering about this and that.

i don't know how i'd feel if my family came across mine . . . an odd, maybe uncomfortable thought.