Monday, 9 July 2007

cigarettes and chocolate milk

Just some random thoughts I felt like sharing:

  • on Friday I lit a cigarette for the first time in my life

  • I didn't inhale

  • on Sunday I waterskied for the first time in my life

  • I didn't do well

  • it was my brother and his girlfriend's bachelor party

  • I skinned six fingers getting into the wetsuit
And finally:
  • I met Rufus Wainwright!


Anonymous said...


I've added you and your "Kylie" to my myspace pics, have a look, and leave a comment if you can!

Love ya forever!


SubtleKnife said...

Thanks sweetheart, I'll look later, right now MySpace isn't letting me log on...

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group

BigAssBelle said...

you MET him???? wait!! how? where? this is your dream, yes?

glad you didn't inhale . . .

SubtleKnife said...

:) yes it is!

I did sort of meet him before, you know, waiting at the stage door and stuff, but this was the first actual chat. And for him to INVITE us backstage... *floats*

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