Tuesday, 31 July 2007

mood of the day

Today was the first instalment of an eight-part, two-hours-per-week, training ("not therapy, so please don't start spilling your guts here") called "Conquer your somberness".

And I have homework.

I'm supposed to keep a diary, keeping track of my moods and rating the days on a scale of 1 to 10. (Sounds a bit like blogging, don't you think? So here it goes...)

Mood of the Day

How did I feel? 8, cheerful

How come? Last day at this job, looking forward to the next one. Allowed myself lunch at Burger King with colleague (don't tell K ;-)). Found out where to report tomorrow. Training was interesting, people were nice, but still unsure about the group thing. Did talk a lot, though... Scissor Sisters rock.


My colleague the artist was asked to design some posters for promotion of good working practices and such. We were discussing some of the subjects she would have to tackle.

Here's my interpretation of the need for keeping track of everything you do, using several different systems... Can you guess what I think of this useless, timeconsuming, waste of good resources?

Administratie means administration, the little sign tacked on to the main one originally read the name of the department.

Monday, 30 July 2007


PARTY princess Paris Hilton is $60 million out of pocket after her billionaire grandfather - appalled by her jail term for drink-driving offences - axed her inheritance.

Source: NEWS.com.au

I spy

I almost cracked up during our daily team talk today. At the end my boss had one special announcement, that meant nothing to anybody but me: Jake Shears and his boyfriend are getting married.

Now I had no doubt Jake & Chris would tie the knot at some time, it just seemed they were inevitably bound to, to me it was just a matter of when. But to hear something like that at work and the surprise and baffled faces of my colleagues were priceless.

Gorgeous picture by Sputnik

I also read that the couple bought a Manhattan apartment recently and the old cyberstalker in me raised its ugly head. I'm pretty sure I found their address (and I did so in under a minute - 40 seconds of which were spent trying to find the link to the right website, I kept overlooking it). Gaidheil just confirmed it's in TriBeCa, which is where the address I found is...

But then I was thinking this might be uncomfortable and even possibly dangerous for them, and I sent a message to someone closer to the fire, letting them know I found it and so can others. I hope there's a way they can get rid of it.



Waiting in gay bars for one's fags becomes routine too, after a while.

The resident cat took a trip along the bar.

I got a shoulderbag.

the book


Nobody seems to be in the book anymore.

But then I too belong to those people who aren't in the book. It just seems too intimate, too close to have my cell phone number listed. And I don't have anything but my cell phone.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

one for sorrow

Another forgotten post. I can't remember exactly what I wanted to illustrate with this rhyme. Original time stamp: 21/06/07 10:19.

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
And four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret never to be told

where to stand in an elevator

I found this draft from June 14th sitting unpublished in the list of posts.

The train compartiment still feels empty, although I know besides me there are several people dotted around it. All I can see from my seat is the African guy across the aisle and one forward who asked me earlier whether this train went to Rotterdam. (I don't know about other countries, but the 'standard' layout over here are groups of two-seater benches facing each other, making two rows of four-person 'cubicles' on either side of a central path.)

A red-haired girl comes in and walks toward me. Literally: with five times four, plus three in the guy's corner, plus four directly across the aisle from me, empty seats that I can see (and at least as many behind me) she hesitates as if to sit across from me, then moves on and sits with the blond girl on the other side behind me.

unclean! unclean!

Thin people beware! You enter this blog at your own risk!

Using "a densely interconnected social network of 12,067 people assessed repeatedly from 1971 to 2003 as part of the Framingham Heart Study" the authors of this article in the New England Journal of Medicine tried to determine why obesity has increased so dramatically in recent decades.

The prevalence of obesity has increased from 23% to 31% over the recent past in the United States, and 66% of adults are overweight. Proposed explanations for the obesity epidemic include societal changes that promote both inactivity and food consumption. The fact that the increase in obesity during this period cannot be explained by genetics and has occurred among all socioeconomic groups provides support for a broad set of social and environmental explanations. Since diverse phenomena can spread within social networks, we conducted a study to determine whether obesity might also spread from person to person, possibly contributing to the epidemic, and if so, how the spread might occur.

Whereas obesity has been stigmatized in the past, attitudes may be changing. To the extent that obesity is a product of voluntary choices or behaviors, the fact that people are embedded in social networks and are influenced by the evident appearance and behaviors of those around them suggests that weight gain in one person might influence weight gain in others. Having obese social contacts might change a person's tolerance for being obese or might influence his or her adoption of specific behaviors (e.g., smoking, eating, and exercising). In addition to such strictly social mechanisms, it is plausible that physiological imitation might occur; areas of the brain that correspond to actions such as eating food may be stimulated if these actions are observed in others. Even infectious causes of obesity are conceivable.

According to their findings, being friends with me would increase your chances of becoming obese with 57%. Marrying me would only give you odds of 37%, though, what does this say about the other 20% of spouses? So much for this ideal marriage some people try hitting you over the head with. They're not even friends with each other! Simply being neighbours doesn't influence people, nor do they have an increased risk of getting fatter if they don't consider themselves friends with someone
(no matter what the other thinks).

A person's chances of becoming obese increased by 57% if he or she had a friend who became obese in a given interval. Among pairs of adult siblings, if one sibling became obese, the chance that the other would become obese increased by 40%. If one spouse became obese, the likelihood that the other spouse would become obese increased by 37%.

The study's authors suggest that this occurs by adopting the other person's habits (eating habits spring to mind) and increased tolerance of obesity from being exposed to them (making it easier to 'let yourself go' without worrying about social stigma).

happiest gay couple

So you're happy in your long-term relationship, but who would you like to have a threesome with? Here are Rick & Steve discussing their favorites:

Had you ever heard about Rick & Steve before? I hadn't. Sunshine pointed them out to me last night (and then IE crashed, I know I'm sad for still using it). If like me you hadn't done so before, please meet Rick & Steve, the happiest gay couple in West Lahunga:

Source: LOGO

Friday, 27 July 2007

the hills are alive with the sound of man-sex

Joe.My.God. reports today that

Rumors are flying that Hugh Jackman is being considered for lead in a musical version of Brokeback Mountain. James Mardsen (Hairspray, X-Men) is up as the other lead. Which one's the bottom?

I don't have anything to add except that gaidheil said: "Does it matter?" and then disappeared, probably fainted - or wiping up the drool.

But just look at the title for this post! I came up with it all by myself. Who says I can't do bad puns when I put my mind to it?

Source: NEWS.com.au

sleepless nights of design and sunshine

Let's all welcome Sunshine to the blogosphere at Sleepless nights of design and sunshine.

(He mentioned me too! My mother would be so proud if only I felt like telling her...)

Thursday, 26 July 2007

shopping spree

Perhaps I subconsciously felt the need to counterbalance buying the very latest Nokia cellphone - to my mind (don't complain if you don't agree, it's a blog - a very testosterone-laden activity, especially with the N95's design: it's sleek but rectangular and the colours sand and deep purple (the colour of my Precious) seem pretty masculine - but on my way to picking up Precious I had to stop at this little plus-size clothes shop called Passepartout.

I spent almost as much in there as I spent on the phone (note that the phone on its own would cost almost a thousand euros but that I'm spending nowhere near that amount on it; my provider is happy to give me a very big discount for extending my contract).

Tomorrow I'll be going into work wearing dark blue denim jeans (already had those), a light (but not too light) pink t-shirt with an almost square neckline and a sort of tie-dye effect top in blues and creams that ties up at the front, just underneath my two biggest assets - showing them off nicely...

PS. Sunshine says Precious is not a good name for a cellphone. I disagree.

pretty things

Pretty things
So what if I like pretty things
-- Rufus Wainwright -- Pretty Things

I just got a call from the store, I can come pick up my new phone, my Precioussss!

Think of something, it does it. And because it has to be pretty too, mine is the deep purple version on the right.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

weekend (quick recap)

K and Sunshine spent the weekend with me. It was convenient because they had a meeting in town here Friday evening. Then on Saturday, we went over to the town of Gorinchem and from there we took a ferry to this beautiful castle, Slot Loevestein. Unfortunately the castle itself had just closed by the time we got there, but we spent an hour or so sitting in the sun with a drink, enjoying the view. The previous link is in Dutch, for a history in English, see here.

At night K cooked dinner for Sunshine's parents and us, fried calamari with pasta and puttanesca sauce and I drove us back to Delft where we watched bad movies on TV and drank wine (at least K and I did) until about 2AM.

Today we slept in and in the afternoon we tried to find Sunshine a new phone battery in Rotterdam. When I got home I made myself a salad but then didn't feel like eating it any more - so I put it in a lunchbox, found a small bottle for the dressing and declared Monday to be salad day.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention that K was very clever, choosing puttanesca sauce, since he couldn't pronounce the name of the town we visited and kept saying Whore-in-chem instead of Gorinchem.


Look closely and this innocent child suddenly isn't all that innocent anymore. The little envelope (s)he's holding contains anthrax. It was made by my colleague Maartje Kuijper.

Monday, 16 July 2007

L, G, B, T, T, Q... but where am I?

I have wondered this for a long time, but finally* I have discovered several organisations who have tacked an "A" onto the - admittedly already laboriously long - acronym, denoting "allies" (or in French "amis"). I don't know why it should matter so much, but it makes me feel good. I mean if I am going to be labelled a fag enabler I might as well be recognised by both sides, right?

* "finally" not because they weren't there before, they've probably been around all this time, but because I never realised.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

question of etiquette

Late-night call from a friend (more of an impression than a transcript):

He: "I'm at [a leather bar]. Oh, and I saw [so-and-so]."

Me: "How is he?"

He: "He was at the bar having his dick sucked, I didn't talk to him."

(I wonder why I ever worried about my co-workers finding this blog...)


Another post inspired by a blog comment elsewhere, this time on Joe.My.God.. The story was about the death of porn star Kent North. As far as I know the circumstances of his death are still unclear. First the story was an apparent drug overdose, then the story turned to suicide. I want to make it clear I am not speculating on his death, but the discussion turned to depression and suicide and I had to say the following:

No matter what brought it on, once you get depressed and you're staring into that abyss, it can be


Maybe this is a bit like substance abuse - although I don't have close-hand experience with recovered addicts - I will do my best never to get that depressed again and I have the system on my side to support me now, but I will always be able to feel that pull.

Sometimes living hurts so much oblivion seems like a nice place to be.


Yesterday Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. fame, appeared on the Michelangelo Signorile show on Sirius' OutQ channel talking about Florida state representative Bob Allen being arrested in a public restroom for offering $20 dollars to an undercover policeman to let him give the officer a blowjob.

I signed up for a three-day free trial to be able to listen to Joe. After the item Signorile mentioned his blog and this morning I noticed it's also on Joe's blogroll, so I decided to have a look.

What caught my eye there is his latest blog, called The life and death of a young gay American. This is the story of former prominent gay man Michael Glatze, co-founder of Young Gay America, anouncing on "WingNutDaily" that he has turned straight.

The Life and Death of A Young Gay American is the title of an article by Paul Schindler of Gay City News, which gives a detailed account of Glatze's story. Glatze was scheduled to appear on Signorile's show, but cancelled. Here's a reworked version of my comment to his blog:

It's a shame he cancelled, but it's also pretty clear that his "logic" is indefensible. With Young Gay America he had wanted to

reach LGBT young people in small town America who had the least resources and support.

"I'm talking about the ones who are not going to send us e-mail," Glatze said of those most isolated and in need of outreach. "They are not going to show up at the doorstep of a halfway house or a home. They are not going to e-mail anyone. They are stuck."

Now he calls it

"peddling homosexuality to youth."

He uses himself as an example, saying he wouldn't have become gay if he hadn't heard about it from a friend at age fourteen or if it had been punished.

"If it was a world where no gay identity existed and if you had same-sex behavior punished, then a) I would not have done it, b) I would not have had a gay identity that does not exist, and c) I would have seen myself as a normal heterosexual and sought the help of the numerous support groups to deal with my feelings."

By his own reasoning there should never have been any LGBT young people in small town America like the ones he was reaching out to with Young Gay America. Aren't they being punished enough? Why is there even a need for ex-gay ministries there?

Not to mention other repressive societies/religions, past and present. How come homosexuality still exists in Iran and existed in Nazi Germany? If the threat of execution and death camps isn't enough what kind of "punishment" - originally he said "imprisonment" - does he propose?

By the way, as soon as you start punishing people for something, you're acknowledging that it does exist. Studying the laws and sentences is one of the ways social historians try to learn more about our ancestors' lives.

I sincerely hope he finds what he needs. But I can't help but suspect that like most other ex-gays sooner or later he will become an ex-ex-gay.

My wish for him is that he'll be treated with compassion then and until that time comes.

PS. I just noticed that on the Sirious OutQ site Rufus Wainwright's Going To A Town is fifth in today's Hot 20. Fifth?

Friday, 13 July 2007

art on your doorstep

Or at a desk near you.

Today I found out that one of my colleagues is a very talented artist. I should probably ask her for her permission first, but here's a sample of a series called "evolution" that I like very much. (I made them pretty small so they would fit on here and also so she wouldn't be too mad at me...) If she lets me I'll post a link to her other art later so you can take a closer look.


wardrobe malfunction

Written on my way home today, the old-fashioned way, with pen on paper:

This dieting lark is getting dangerous. Not in a physical way, although I suppose I could trip... Because not only are most of my pants (the outer layer) in a continual state of threatening to drop down my knees, now my pants (the inner layer) have joined the conspiracy. They are actually sliding down my butt.

I'm sitting on the platform on the train station with two circles of material (sensible cotton "granny pants" today) around the tops of my thighs in an "8"-formation - and nowhere private to fix the problem. The only relief is that I'm wearing a long t-shirt (even longer now it isn't stretched out so wide anymore) that covers anything higher than half-way up my thighs.

  • I need to start tailoring these "old" shirts so I can keep on using them without looking like I'm wearing a tent

  • I need to by a nice-looking belt to keep my pants (trousers) up

  • I need to continue eating healthily so I'll have to buy all new - pretty! - clothes soon

Don't want my rings to fall off my fingers
-- Rufus Wainwright, Barçelona

Another side-effect is the scarily loose feeling of my rings, especially the green semi-precious one (I completely forgot what type it is, if I ever knew in the first place). When I let my arm hang by my side I can feel it slide down my finger. Fortunately so far my knuckle has kept it from falling off, but I'm afraid it won't be long. I have to try and not swing my arm/hand too much. At least it's not for the reason Rufus was so afraid of.

Thursday, 12 July 2007


My direct boss startled a colleague, and myself, Wednesday, by announcing he had found her Hyves profile page. She wasn't particularly embarrassed by the content or the pictures - even her mother had seen them - but the thought of work colleagues seeing her in her "other" life still caused a strong sense of discomfort. She resolved to take them down as soon as she got home.

I wonder(ed) how I would respond, after all I have not shown this blog to my mother yet. Perhaps having some of my colleagues read t would be easier, as they have never met the friends I've written about, whereas my mother does know some of them. On the other hand there are some things here that I don't feel my co-workers have to know about. They know many of my friends, including my best friend, are gay and that I go out to gay bars with them, but do they have to know I accompanied someone to the std-clinic or that I take antidepressants?

I'm not ashamed of any of these things, but there is a (relative) anonymity to the internet which can be comforting and lull us into a false sense of safety. It's easy to forget it's not just a handful of selected friends and any total stranger that accidentally end up here, who can read my posts. Family, colleagues and people you vaguely know living at the end of your street may find out more about you than you wish that particular group to know.

We all live in different worlds all the same time (an example: most people use different language and choose different subjects when talking to their grandmothers compared to talking to their friends) and sometimes when they meet, it makes us uncomfortable, uncertain how to behave, intruded upon, found out, even.

So now I'm wondering if my team leader has taken up my joking challenge to find me. I didn't see any strange IP's from his area when I checked earlier but who knows?

In other news: A few minutes ago I joined Last.fm. Of course I felt I should open with Rufus Wainwright, but I was thinking about sorting through my considerable backlog of music to be either saved or thrown out tonight. That should give some very interesting results. Once I have played enough songs I shall try to embed some thingamajig here so you can see what I've been listening to.

And finally: Apparently my current Technorati ranking is 3,847,589th...

what time is it?

Overheard from a mother and daughter coming off a bus:

mother: "...twelve o'clock according to that clock."

daughter: "Six o'clock!"

mother: "No, twelve."

(The big hand was on twelve and the little one on six...)

Monday, 9 July 2007

cigarettes and chocolate milk

Just some random thoughts I felt like sharing:

  • on Friday I lit a cigarette for the first time in my life

  • I didn't inhale

  • on Sunday I waterskied for the first time in my life

  • I didn't do well

  • it was my brother and his girlfriend's bachelor party

  • I skinned six fingers getting into the wetsuit
And finally:
  • I met Rufus Wainwright!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

lost and found: episodes 1 and 2

Found in a supermarket in Delft on or around June 28th, 2007, front and reverse (or vice versa?):

click for full imageI find other people's shopping lists very interesting. I try to decipher them, sometimes in more ways than one.

Which side of the page is the front and which is the reverse? Did the shopping list come first and fall into the hands of the writer's creative offspring? Or did a callous mother or father take their precious darling's click for full imageexpression to use it for something so mundane as a shopping list?

This list reads:
ice thea

Spelling as in the list. For the non-Dutch-speakers amongst you here's a translation:
ice tea

Speaking of deciphering things, here's one I found in an Amersfoort supermarket on Saturday, July 30th. The language is probably Turkish, I only recognised a few words, but with the help of an internet translator I managed to fill in most of the blanks. I think it says

sari peynir
beyaz peynir
ekmet pide

yellow cheese
white cheese
pide bread

It's nice to live in a multi-cultural society.

do I disappoint you?

I still can't quite believe it! I met Rufus Wainwright, backstage, at his concert in Groningen last Thursday. This wasn't a few seconds to get him to sign an autograph or pose for a picture (although we did that as well, as you can see), no, this was having an actual conversation.

Most of it was about K pitching an idea to Rufus, but I got to say a few words to him too and at the end when Rufus said "Thank you", I, possibly a bit too loudly, replied "No, thank YOU!" This was even more amazing than the time I gave him an extremely corny gift (a pair of clog-shaped slippers) and he pulled me back to kiss me when I was already turning away.

How did it come about? Well, K and I got there early and cased the joint, finding the back entrance with a big gate that led to the staff and talent car park. We also found another gate that led through an office building and directly backstage (only with no way of getting in). However we did manage to listen to some of the soundcheck from there.

It was surprising how few people actually made the effort to stalk Rufus (K was inspired by the "Scissorstalkers", by the way) the only person we saw at that gate except for those who were supposed to be there, was a Belgian who had driven up all the way from Brussels and was going to be driving back after the show! Now that's dedication. Lazy me got a hotel reservation and took the next day off work...

We did meet the French horn player, Louis as he left for a stroll (which is what we were hoping Rufus would do) and as he came back. K helped him get back in by pressing the button for him.

Anyway, we were almost about to give up on the waiting around for Rufus and decided to go sit down in the pub on the corner, from which we could just see the exit. But as we walked in we both noticed the only patron carrying a pass inspired by the Release The Stars artwork. This was of course enough to strike up a conversation with him. He turned out to be a really nice bloke called David Phee. He promised to give Rufus K's business card and we all agreed to have a couple of drinks afterwards, since he wasn't working the next day.

So we went back to the official entrance and joined the queue to get into the auditorium. We found seats about ten rows back and were waiting for the concert to start when David appeared at the edge of the stage, looking out into the audience. I didn't notice, but K did. He waved back and David signalled to come over. He said he'd given Rufus K's card and would take us backstage to meet him after the show.

It was hard to contain myself. The show was great, of course, but as usual I don't seem to be able to remember too many details. I just take it as a sign of having such a great time that my brain goes on overload and the memory capacity is temporarily shut down.

During the interval we went around quietly gloating and also trying to find a camera we could borrow. Fortunately darling Joop lent us his. K was willing to hand him his wallet for security, but Joop said "I know her, it's okay." I do remember Rufus inviting everyone to dance at the start of Beautiful Child, but as far as I know only two people got up off their seats: K and myself. After a minute we were both suffering from a combination of embarrassment and disappointment in the rest of the audience and sat down.

Fortunately after the regular set was finished people did get up and gave him a standing ovation. Hardly anyone sat down again until after the show. Although I still felt there was too little dancing.

So... after the show we hung around near the stage, eventually security guards started to shoo everyone out of the auditorium, but I simply told one of them we were waiting for the stage manager to come and get us and they left us alone!

I think it wasn't ten minutes before David came to get us, faster than expected, and took us backstage, up some stairs and there in the hallway was Rufus. He was so nice and of course cute as ever. You can see his hand on my shoulder in the picture, mine was in the small of his back...

After that we handed Joop his camera back and went round the back to look at the people waiting at the gate desperate to catch a glimpse. Of course we didn't have to do anything so common as that anymore...

When David came out we had a drink at the pub around the corner, decided we didn't like the Dutch melodramatic music (akin to German "Schlagers") and went to another bar, and then another... We met up with a couple of girls who were also at the concert and left to a gay club they knew about. David's hotel was on our route, just around the corner from our destination, in fact and he had to get up pretty early, so we dropped him off and the four of us went on to dance and drink for another couple of hours. K and I arrived back at our hotel around 4AM. For some reason I was pretty much awake again at 7, but thanks to the enormous Rufus buzz I suffered no ill effects whatsoever.

Here's the setlist (also borrowed from Joop)
01) Release The Stars
02) Going To A Town
03) Sanssouci
04) Rules And Regulations
05) Tulsa
06) The Art Teacher
07) Tiergarten
08) Leaving For Paris No. 2
09) Between My Legs
== Intermission ==
10) Harvester Of Hearts
11) Do I Disappoint You
12) A Foggy Day
13) If Love Were All
14) Nobody's Off The Hook
15) Beautiful Child
16) Not Ready To Love
17) Slideshow
18) Macushla
19) 14th Street

== Encore 1 ==
20) I Don't Know What It Is
21) Pretty Things
22) Moulin Rouge
23) Get Happy
24) Gay Messiah

== Encore 2 ==
25) In My Arms
26) California


I am fucking pissed off over this fuck-ass website that fucking thinks MY blog should be rated "R" when it fucking well should be NC-17! In fact they demoted it since Thursday because a post that had ONE ass in it got bumped to the next page...

Who are these dickheads to decide over my blog? Hopefully they'll hurry the fuck up and as soon as this fucking message has been posted my fucking rating will go up again!

click here to get your blog rated
This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
abortion (4x) sex (3x) fag (2x) ass (1x)

In another window I'm working on a blog post about the fag Rufus Wainwright, who incidentally has a GORGEOUS ass - I didn't go as far as touching it I only lightly placed my hand around his waist. I know how NOT to spook a celebrity or a fag, you see...

Speaking of fags, I just found out K left his lighter in my car, but fortunately like most addicts I'm sure he has more than one scattered around the house or even on his person. So the fag K can still enjoy his fags. I only found the fag lighter because K urged me to go find his fucking Prada sunglasses (how fucking gay is that?) which he thought he might have left in my car - and he did, thank fuck.

Now all this fucking bullshit has got to end. Unless there is a rating stronger than NC-17, I think I've done enough for a while. (What the fuck do I know about American movie ratings, after all?) At least until this fucking blog post fucking falls off the fucking page.

Yours fucking truly,

fag-hag extra-ordinary, soon to be:


EDIT: Just to show what they look for, I now am NC-17 because of the following, but the words it shows change every once in a while:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
fucking (13x) fag (8x) sex (6x) abortion (5x) fags (3x) kill (2x) queer (1x)

Friday, 6 July 2007

Cheshire Cat

More later, but for now I'll just say that Rufus Wainwright looks gorgeous up close too...

Monday, 2 July 2007

religious education

Maybe it's time for Him to give us another reminder.

(Please forgive the obvious illustration.)

I guess there's always hope

But the thought of another ten years' wait at least is getting me down.

German scientists have succeeded in snipping the virus that causes AIDS out of human cells, leaving them healthy again. The procedure is a breakthrough in bio-technology and fuels hope of a cure for AIDS.

I know it shouldn't, because any step forward is positive news, but I don't feel like waiting that long - and I'm not even infected. Even after having pondered my own mortality extensively (be it in a "to be, or not to be"-fashion) I can't imagine what someone who is HIV-positive must feel when reading this kind of report.

I do know a little of how hard it is to live with HIV, however, even with the current treatments being so much better than before. One's whole life, one's job may consist of working on staying healthy, on staying alive, simply leaving no, or at least not enough, time or energy to hold a job.

Source: Deutsche Welle, with thanks to Lynette.

Russell T. Davies is a snob!

And I love him for it! Not that he could do much wrong for me anyway after creating Queer As Folk and "regenerating" Doctor Who.

Without giving too much away (I think), I shall only say that in the season's finale of the resurrected series, a two-parter written by Davies himself which concluded last Saturday, he put the verb "to decimate" to it's proper usage. It was, however, a shame that he felt he had to explain it by making one of the characters say something like "We will kill one in every ten".

I'm a bit wary of posting about The Doctor, usually, let alone speculate, because there are several people of my acquaintance who frequently correct me on all things to do with the last Time Lord. It's not the correction that bothers me, it's their having to correct me that embarrasses me, but wasn't that some very interesting information about Captain Jack at the end there?

There was a special edition of Weakest Link before the final show on Saturday, with several cast members pitted against each other. I thought it was a bit unfair how they all voted off K9 in the first round. Later on one of the other contestants got a question about John Barrowman, asking whether he was turned down for Will in Will & Grace because he was too straight or too gay (it was too straight).