Tuesday, 12 June 2007

holy mackerel!

I'm enjoying a rather nice smoked mackerel. Here's my secret recipe: chop off head and tail (fins should have been removed and it's probably gutted - not at the fin-removal, it's dead, remember?). Remove the central bone and clear out most of the others as you flake it onto a plate. Grab a fork and eat. Be careful, make sure the flakes aren't too big, take small bites and chew properly!

Mackerel is one of those fatty fish with the "good" cholesterol.

But I ate it because it's just damn tasty.

In other news: I bought K a jar of American peanut butter which my rather provincial supermarket* sells, surprisingly, I just put a load of laundry in the washing machine and now I'm going to watch Dr. Who.

* Romaine lettuce? no way. They seem to have a one-variety-of-lettuce-at-a-time policy, rotating between iceberg and butterhead - the last one being the lettuce of my youth. I'll have to remember that the Dutch name for Romaine is "bindsla", although K's local supermarket calls it Romaine too...


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I hope you can have me over for dinner when I visit, you sound like a fabbo cook Wifey Dar!

Love ya!


Miriam said...


You posted in the Rufus thread on Joe.My.God asking if I had the transcript of the interview. Sorry it took me so long - it had been archived (it was from way back in mid-March 2005!). Normally I would be a little more cautious about linking my online name to my real name, but I'll let it go this once for you, random stranger ;)


(Apologies for the layout and any misspellings, they're not mine, blame the person who put it up! They mangled it, but at least I have it!)

SubtleKnife said...

Thank you!

And don't worry, this is hardly like J.M.G.; practically nobody visits here.

And yes, I am both random and strange.

BigAssBelle said...

something about mackerel gives me the willies. sardines too. most fish, i'm okay with, but i haven't eaten much since i found a worm coiled up in the flesh of a bit of cod. it was white, like the fish, and made a quarter-sized pocket in the fish. i uncoiled it and it was nearly 10" long. eeeeewwwwwww.

iceberg = no
butterhead = yum