Friday, 1 June 2007

funny finds

Today I had a little stroll through some blogs I visit and some I meant to visit earlier, honestly!

On Gay Men Rule headbang8's "cousin and favourite fag-hag, the Princess Grace of Pittsburgh" asks Now, how does this damn thing work?

I got there through Big Ass Belle's blog, all the benefits of marriage

On The Republic of T. I found this post called Cadillacs, Cocks & Commercials which has a funny title but a serious subject. Among other things it makes a good point (I would say that, I've made it before too) in response to some wingnut complaining about a comercial showing a bunch of men intimidated by a succesful woman:
As I pointed out before, in the minds of some right wing men, anything that upsets the the "ordained" relationship between male and female by suggesting equality automatically raises the specter of homosexuality.
Just as any thought of homosexuality raises the specter of breaking with "gender complementarity". ("Undergirding the concept of gender complementarity is the assumption that men are metaphysically meant to rule over women (ideally in the spirit of love, of course) and women are metaphysically meant to serve men.")

One wonders if Mr. Whackjob understands the meaning of "metaphysically" anyway...

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