Tuesday, 5 June 2007

doctor, I'm hearing double

I have a very special talent, I hear (and see) double entendres everywhere. Perhaps it's due to being partially deaf (in one ear, it isn't that much of a problem, the worst thing about it is having to plug my ear when swimming). Or perhaps I'm just weird/perverted/*. A recent example: at last Sunday's Unitarian Universalist meeting I asked someone to recommend me some good books to read more about "UU-ism". But I had a very hard time saying "UU-ism" for fear of adding a "j" in front of the "ism".

Of course I can't think of anything else to illustrate right now...

So here are a couple of unrelated "funny" remarks: On the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam there's a toko (Indonesian/Malay for store) that sells great sandwich rolls with various fillings (K's favourite Ayam Setang, my favourite Ayam Rudjak, Ajam Semoor, Babi Pangang). It's called Toko Joyce but I couldn't help dubbing it Tokyo Rose. (I'm going to have to try their "Ikans", oppposed to their "Pepesan", they seem reasonably priced. These are all mackerel dishes - fatty fish are good for me, y'know.

Another example of redubbing: Café Stevens has always been Cat Stevens to me. (And to bring it right back to UU-ism: the first song last Sunday was Morning Has Broken. Since I felt comfortable singing something I knew it gave me more confidence joining in the other songs, which I didn't know.

*fill in word(s) of your choice

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BigAssBelle said...

i think it's because you're very smart.