Saturday, 9 June 2007

can't sleep

5AM, can't sleep, my throat is hurting and those damn birds outside my bedroom door are awake way too early. I'm turning back in in a second for another try, I promise, but in the mean time. Thanks to Lynette I learned something, though:


"Dry drunk" is a term describing the state of the alcoholic who is uncomfortable when he is not drinking. "Dry" simply refers to the fact that there is abstinence, while "drunk" signifies a deeply pathological condition resulting from the use of alcohol in the past.

The "dry drunk syndrome" is a group of symptoms that occur together and constitute an abnormality. Since the abnormality of the alcoholic's attitudes and behavior during his drinking career is generally recognized, the persistence of these traits after the alcoholic stops drinking might seem equally abnormal. Therefore, the term "dry-drunk" alludes to the absence of favorable change in the attitudes and behavior of the alcoholic who is not drinking.

"Dry Drunk" Traits:

Grandiose behavior
Exaggerated self-importance
A rigidly judgmental outlook
Childish behavior
Irresponsible behavior
Irrational rationalization


That. Just. Fits.


BigAssBelle said...

it is absolutely perfect, isn't it? and the other very sad thing about the raving alcoholic on a dry drunk is that everyone tippy toes around him, afraid to upset the apple cart by confronting the problem. thus we have a monomaniacal sociopath destroying the world as we know it and a congress too timid to impeach and how could martin luther king and bobby kennedy and our great president jack kennedy be assassinated? good men, all of them, dead, and then this one . . .

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is a massive juxtaposition, a drunk is just as annoying as a dry drunk!

Love ya dar!