Monday, 12 March 2007

things I think about when I should be asleep

Tomorrow morning I am calling the doctor's office to make an appointment. Maybe I'll ask K to come with me like he offered, maybe not, but with or without his help I will convince the docter that I cannot afford any more setbacks.

Then I will get on a train and get over to Amsterdam (and a metro and a bus...) to sign that contract - if they'll still have me without the certificates... No. I'm thinking positive, I will show them the competent me, the one they saw last week and liked enough to offer said contract.

Before I go I should remember to send an email to the examining authority for confirmation I did pass those exams. And afterwards I'll get to see K for a drink. Unless he stands me up again... (aside *sticks out tongue to K*)

And now I REALLY should be in bed. 'Night all!

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